Update of the BoBs Day 6!


What's Up Peeps and how's it going? Well, today is another update. I'm gonna be honest I haven't read anything at all, because I have been busy at my sister-in-law's pinning ceremony. Which was a treat to see, I felt very honored to have been invited to see her get pined by my nephew, which was super adorable.


So, for today's challenge I am to share the love on any book, website, etc. During this read-a-thon. To Be honest, I don't have anything to share, which is bad on my part, I could have easily looked at the other links to my fellow participants and see if they might have books that I would read. But, I haven't, which makes this a very short entry. 


That means I'm done for today's post. I'm sorry for today's shemurr of an entry. But, I will be back tomorrow with a better entry. But, for today I was celebrating with my sister-in-law and took a break for an awesome purpose.  Until tomorrow!