Alice In Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter

This was one of the coolest books that I've read and a lot of hormones running around lol. I enjoyed this story very much and I liked the different take. I've never read a story dealing with zombies before and now I have. I was in awe of how Gena created the world that is Ali Bell and Cole Holland. I love how it has a little bit of Alice in Wonderland, and  not overwhelming the reader with all things wonderland type.


For those of you not familiar with this story, it is about 16 year Alice Bell who later changes it to Ali due to a horrible lost. Alice's family isn't your typical family, because of who her father is. Alice and her little sister Emma are not allowed to go anywhere at night time, when asked why, their father responds "because of the monsters," So, the girls get use to being trapped at home night after night, they are allowed to leave during the day, but that is it.


Things change for Alice and her family, when her sister wanted to attend her ballet recital. Alice had convinces her mom to talk her dad to take them to Emma's recital. They finally all go out and not without consequence, when leaving the recital. Alice's dad panics and screams that he see monster causing a big car crash. Alice wakes up and notices that her mom and sister were still in the car, but her dad had flowing out. While trying to get out she sees something, it turns out to be monsters. Alice finally see it and realizes that her dad wasn't crazy after all she see them.


After trying to get over of losing her family, she no longer wants to be called Alice anymore because of the hurt, so she shortens it to Ali. She is now living with her grandparents and attending a new school, she makes new friends, and comes across bad boy Cole Holland. Things are different, she learns from Cole that the monsters she sees aren't monsters, but zombies. Ali must now help and get revenge for her family's death, with help and guidance from Cole and his gang, plus some unexpected help from others.


This, again was an amazing book I also, have read the squeal and I cannot wait for her third book to come out. If you have not read this, you should read it and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did well until then


Later Days!