The Sweet and Amazing Story of Water for Elephants!!!

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

Good hello everyone and how are you this fine day? I hope super for you all!!! As for me I'm doing fantastic!!! Just super excited to be bringing you all the "Water for Elephants" review!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is written by Sara Gruen!!! I hope you all are ready because I am. So, Allons-y!!!


Before I go any further. I again have to admit that I seen the movie before reading the book. But, in my defense I didn't know that it was a book! Oh well what can I do? :D


So, this amazing and loving story is about a man name Jacob. Who in between the 90 or 93 year old self (he's not sure) and his 23 year old self. He shares his story form the tragic lost of his parents to becoming a vet in a circus (The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth) to meeting the love of his life. Also, when he is older and in an assistant living home!


 What can I say about this book but EEEE!!! Despite some of the craziness in this book. This story had added a level of sweet, caring, and gooshy like nobody's business! I loved Rosie the Elephant who is just so sweet and adorable. I loved that on amazing days she is just happy and full of cuteness!!! The interaction between Jacob and Marlena was epic. It was slow to build and you can feel the energy between them. It was so real and fairy-taleish! What more can you ask for in a love story?! The times that the story changes to the older Jacob, was both entertaining and heartbreaking. Entertaining, because he has a sharp mind and tongue. Heartbreaking, because the way he is being treated as if he is a child and his own children are just jerks! I have learned a lot from the circus scenes on what it was like during the 30's. Like how it all ran and how it was for the worker and performers. I could go on and on about this amazing book, but I think that you all should read it if you haven't. And, see where your feels take you! This was a well written book by Sara and I now would like to see if she has anymore books out.


Welp! That's it from this book lover! I will be back on Monday as always with a new post. Until then, I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.