I am the Messenger Review!!!

I Am the Messenger - Markus Zusak

Hey everyone, so as promised I am here with the book review that has been waiting in the wings. I am reviewing Marcus Zusak's book "I am the Messenger". I'm trying something a little different here with this review. I am trying to make my reviews on here a little more "storytelling", then just a straight up review. I got the inspiration from an ASMR Youtuber I watch! I want to create a different kind of experience on here just to see if it works. I hope you will give me an honest feedback on this. I will be working on trying to create this "voice" and maybe different ones as well. Okay, so enough of my rambling and onto the review. Enjoy! 



Hello sweeties and how are you today? Well, welcome to my little corner of the blog. Where I'll be telling you all about the books I have read and rather I liked them or not. It really shouldn't take that long, but you see I do tend to get a little side tracked and I might not stay on topic for long. So, if you would like to continue on reading you are more than welcome to. Just get all cozy up with a nice cup of hot coffee, tea, or whatever you prefer and a snack. And get ready for me to share with you about the latest book I have just read. 


Now, let me see what I have read just recently. Oh yes, I remember it was one of Marcus Zusak's book "I am the Messenger". Now, this story turned out to be quite the read for me. I got caught up in the world of its main character.


His name is Ed Kennedy and he lives a pretty ordinary life. Until a bank robbery happens and he somehow inadvertently stops it. After the incident he receives a mysterious envelope and in it is a playing card which turns out to be an ace, with three addresses written on them. Ed isn't sure who has sent the envelope and why they did it. But, he somehow knows that he is needed at these three places. What he observes from these places are people who are in need of help in some way. He will do whatever it takes to help these people and with each task complete a new ace comes in and he continues on his service to help. Ed is still somewhat concern on who is doing all of this to him?, What has made him the prime target of this person?, and what will happen at the end?


This story is full of sweet moments, laughable ones, and cringy ones as well. But, in the end I found myself loving the story more and more. I had to pace myself just so I can enjoy the story longer. I will admit thou, that it did take me few days to even get myself into the story, but once I did there was no turning back. What made this story amazing was that with each ace that came to him, there was a meaning to them. The ace of diamonds meaning is to protect or to find the beauty in the roughness. The ace of clubs meaning is Ed gets a bit roughed up a bit. The ace of spades meaning is for Ed to dig a bit further on these people. The ace of hearts meaning which is the hardest, is to really look at his three best friends more closely.


Everything about this story is just amazing and great. I thought at first and I will be honest that it was going to be a bust for me, but I'm really glad to say that it wasn't. This book teaches its readers how to stand up to someone, how to bring someone out of their shell. There's just a lot of great examples of how life works. I highly recommend this book if you have not read it. Either way, you'll find a lesson or two in this book.


Well, my dears that is it from me, I hope you had enjoyed my little review on "I am the Messenger" and I hope you have a wonderful day or night, either way just have a wonderful and magical time. Until the next review!