2 days of BoBs!!!



Hey everyone and how's it going today? I hope all is well! For me I have been to busy chilling with my mom, because today is her Birthday and I just wanted to spend time with her. That means I haven't read anything today yet, but I will make it up tomorrow. As soon as I finish my homework lol! But, I am happy to still be doing this regardless of not reading anything just for one day! Yesterday I did read one more chapter in The Hazel Wood and it's getting interesting. I just need to keep pushing myself forward! 


Which brings me to today's challenge and it's a good one. The challenge is called Adaptation Aspirations all ya need to do is choose a book you would love to see be turned into a movie, TV Show, a musical if ya want. Also, for bonus points you can share who you would love to see playing these characters, who you would love to see direct, write the script, the music. I'm just going to keep mine pretty simple, because I'm still kind of tired and my mind doesn't want to think to long lol! Ok so here I go!


The book I would love to see be turned into a movie is "Carry On" by Rainbow Rowell! I fell in love with Simon's and Baz's relationship. The whole story made me beam with happiness and I cannot wait to "Wayward Son" comes out. I don't know who would be a perfect Simon and Baz yet, maybe that would be a future post! 


Well, it's pretty simple alright. I'll be back tomorrow to update you all and do a new challenge!