P.S. I Love You!!!

PS, I Love You By Cecelia Ahern - -Author-

OMG love love love this book yes the book has been out for awhile and I watched the movie before I even read the book. I love the movie and now the book. The book is I have to admit way better then the movie OF COURSE! (sorry excited). This book had humor and sad times and crazy crazy fun! For those who don't know the book and or movie.  



It is about a young widow name Holly Kennedy who lost her Husband Gerry to a brain tumor. Holly is a lost and she has been in rut since her husbands passing. When her mother tells her that she has a package to give her after sitting there for almost two months. Holly finally gets the packages and has a slight panic attack because this package is from her deceased husband. Gerry isn't done with Holly just yet in this package is ten letters for each month of the rest of the year. They all have something for Holly to do and she obeys just so she has a bit of her husband with her. So Holly goes through a lot and has many ups and downs in this journey to recover from losing the love of her life.


I give this book a 5 out of 5 for being the coolest and craziest book ever to be read!